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founded March 2022

meet our founders

Ken and Minister Brandy L. Brown

Our President Kenneth Brown is a graduate of Southeast Missouri University with a degree in Electronic Communication Systems and a minor in Physics, he is a life long St. Louis resident.  His family heritage is made up of government servants and although he chose a different career path service to the public is always his motivating factor.  He is the Owner and Production Director  of Smooth Glass Entertainment and he plans to incorporate his musical production with the family oriented activities that The FUN Foundation will facilitate at upcoming events. (Click the SGE below for more information).  Our Director Minister Brandy L Brown was licensed to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in 1998 and was ordained in 2014 by Pastor Raymond D Horry of the Ark of Safety Christian Church.  She is a student at Maryville University pursuing a Bachelors degree in Finance and a full time minister (preaching and teaching the gospel, singing  and counseling (individuals, families, and married couples).  She and her husband are in constant production of musicals, movie scores, individual artists songwriting, and recording.  Together they will use every gift God has given them to build stronger community relations for the Glory of God! (Click below for more information on Minister Brandy Brown)